Characteristics of Finishing Materials

Brushing Lacquer Lacquer Thinner Small Projects Brush Fast Drying
Colored Lacquers None Small Projects w/ Opaque Finish Aerosol Can Convenient
Danish Oil Mineral Spirits Natural Looking Projects Wipe or Brush Does not require Dust-Free Room
Nongrain Raising Stain Alcohol, Glycol, Acetone or Toluol Projects needing
Deep Penetration
Spray: Large Projects
Wipe on: Small Projects
Clarity: Does not cover the Grain
Fast Drying
Oil-Based Paint Mineral Spirits Houses & trim Brush or Spray Durable
Paste Wood Filler Mineral Spirits or Naphtha Ring Porous Woods Brush Levels Surface by Filling in Pores
Penetrating Oil Stain Mineral Spirits or Turpentine Small Projects Wipe or Brush Readily Available
Polishing Varnish Mineral Spirits Furniture & Cabinets Brush or Spray Polishes well; Easy to Purchase
Polyurethane See Label of Can Furniture & Cabinets Brush or Spray Durable & Resistant to Heat & Water
Resin Finish Mineral Spirits Small Projects Wipe Finish that develops a Surface Layer
Shellac Denatured Alcohol Sealer Brush or Spray Fast Drying
Spar Varnish Mineral Spirits Outdoor Projects Brush or Spray Resistant to Water & Sunshine
Spraying Clear Lacquer Lacquer Thinner Furniture & Cabinets Spray Resists Heat, Alcohol & Water
Wide range of Lusters
Water Stains Water Small projects w/ true colors Spray: Large Projects
Wipe on: Small Projects
Fades the least
Water-Based Paint Water Houses & Trim Brush or Spray Low Odor; Easy to Clean-up
Waxes None Small Inexpensive Projects Wipe Inexpensive & Fast
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