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Being in the woodworking business, we are constantly looking for new ideas and techniques that make our job easier and our business run more efficiently. We created this site to help other woodworkers like ourselves with free online help. We also offer plans, tools, books, downloadable videos and articles that we think you will find interesting. These articles are written by experts in the woodworking field and we are able to offer them to you here. We hope you are able to find something useful. We will be adding new content every month, so please bookmark our site and check back often.

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Intarsia Tips & Tips

Intarsia Tips & Tricks

For intarsia projects to look their best, the parts need to fit together tightly. Besides sawing right down the middle of the pattern lines, what else can you do to prevent gaps?

These surefire pointers from Judy Gale Roberts and Jerry Booher could improve your results dramatically. Read More ...

Building the Box Joint Jig

Building the Box Joint Jig

To use this jig you will need a tablesaw, stackable dado set, and calipers with dial or digital readout. You can purchase the dial type for $25-$50; digital models cost $60-$75.

We've found a dial calipers essential because box joints must be cut with exacting accuracy. Why? Any minor error in the width or spacing of the individual "fingers," even .001", multiplies itself with every finger you cut. » Read More ...
Making Box Joints

Making Box Joints

Before you cut the actual box joints, keep in mind that the width of your box sides must be an increment of the finger width. Otherwise, you'll wind up with less-than-pleasing partial fingers at the bottom of your box.

So, in the example of 1/4"-thick stock discussed here and in the jig-building article, the width of the workpieces must be an increment of ¼" (such as 5", 5¼", 5½", etc.). » Read More ...
Splined-Miter Joints

Splined-Miter Joints

A slight tilt of a saw blade gives your corner splines a whole new look. It doesn't take much work to put a new spin on traditional splined miter joints.

Just install the splines at an angle, as we did as shown here on a maple-and-walnut letter tray, and you get eye-catching results. » Read More ...

The Joint Book

The Joint Book ... by Terri Noll

This is the ultimate workshop reference ...
Giving woodworkers all the knowledge they need to choose the right joint for the job. It also features step-by-step, illustrated instructions for making over 70 joints, including mortise and tenon joints, dovetails, miters and more.

Covers Every Basic Joint in Every Joint Family ...
Including a range of joint variations and helpful jigs. Every workshop should have this book whether you are just starting out or a seasoned veteran. This Guide also includes a quick-reference Joint Selector guide, and instructions for working with hand tools as well as power tools to achieve each type of joint.
» Get the Book
A handy 6½" x 8" Spiral Bound Book ...
Lays out flat on your bench freeing your hands up while you work.

An introductory section details the factors that determine proper joint selection, including the characteristics of various types of woods, joints and adhesives. It then breaks down basic joints into five chapters featuring complete instructions for crafting.
Table of Contents:
Table of ContentsTable of Contents •  Aids to Accuracy and Order
•  Designing Joints
•  Edge and Scarf Joints
•  Lapped and Housed Joints
•  Mortise-and-Tenon
•  Miters and Bevels
•  Dovetails
•  Dowels and Biscuits
•  Fasteners, Hardware and Knockdown Joints
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